10 Best Affiliate Marketing Programs for Bloggers to Make Huge Money 2017

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Affiliate Marketing is not a new way to earn money online. However, if you don’t have a blog it doesn’t stop you from making money with affiliate marketing because all you need to do is send your affiliate link to your potential buyers / customers.

To earn commission, it’s necessary that your customers visit the product web page with your affiliate link and make purchases. Please know that if your customer goes to the merchant website directly you won’t get any affiliate commission.

Most bloggers use Affiliate Marketing to make huge amount of money which helps them better their lifestyles. Promoting products is a very good way of making money if compared to CPC, CPA & CPM Advertisements.

How Can You Earn Money With Affiliate Marketing?

Let’s take for Instance; You sold a product that is worth $150 and the Author or the company pays you a fixed amount (commission) of $37.5 per sale. Now lets compare it to a Cost Per Click Advertisement with one click at $0.45 you’d see that you need 83 – 85 clicks to earn $37.5, 83 x 0.45=??

How Does It Work?

The mode of operation of most Affiliate Marketing Programs are almost the same and easy. Let me Explain that statement; Lets say you placed an affiliate link or banner of Hostgator on your website, if someone visits your website, click on that banner and make a purchase, Hostgator will pay you a commission. It can be a 10% – 80% of total sales. Affiliate fee of different programs varies but working principles is the same.

Different companies have different commission percentage it’s all according to their terms and policies.

10 Best Affiliate Marketing Programs for Bloggers to Earn More Money

1. Amazon Affiliate Program
2. BlueHost (Pays upto 65% commissionPer Sale)
3. GoDaddy (Pays upto 40% commission per sale)
4. Commission Junction
5. Lynda (Pays upto 40% commission per sale)
6. ClickBank (Pays upto 75% Commission on each sale)
7. Themeforest / Envato (Pay upto 30% Commission on each sale)
8. Udemy
9. Rakuten LinkShare
10. Hostgator (Pays $50 Per Sign Up)

At this point I’m sure you now know how Affiliate Marketing operates and what it is all about. Do you have anything or question you want to share ? Let’s talk below.

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