How to Choose a Profitable Blog Niche

How to Choose a Profitable Blog Niche

There are many bloggers that have been in the business for months and they don’t make money from there blogs due to poor blogging niche also there are some that don’t even make enough to settle internet bills which you can agree with me more that it’s bad and very discouraging.

Regardless, they often take new turn and change their niche but new bloggers are very much prone to selecting poor blogging niche maybe because they want to follow the trend but it’s not always like that.

There are some bloggers that just put up a simple blog and make $400 – $1,000 monthly with no stress

In this tutorial, we’ll look at How to Choose a Profitable Blog Niche so you can make good money with your blog.

What is a Blog Niche?

A Blog niche is simply a Topic your blog will be about. This right here is a Niche Blog on “Make Money Online” which is a sub niche of “Finance”.

Below are example of Blog Niches in no particular order;

  • Education
  • Health
  • Sports
  • Entertainment
  • News
  • Technology
  • Finance
  • Fashion
  • Self Help
  • Relationship

All these niches are very profitable. There niches out there that are over flogged while there are some that are not so it is up to you find them out.

I always advise new bloggers do per take in Niche Blogging and not just opening a blog that covers several other topics.

Some Disadvantages of Blogging about different topics are listed below;

(a) Your blog will be a jack of all trade but a master of none

(b) Search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing will find it difficult to rank your blog.

(c) You will find it difficult to find specific advertisers because your audience is not targeted.



Why Some Blog Niches are not Profitable

Now let’s find out why some blogging niches are not profitable.

  1. High Competition

This type of niches are already populated by so many bloggers of which some of them are experts

When you start blogging on topics with high search result it’s going to take so much time before your blog comes out because you have over 1.3Billion Website to contend with.

  1. Content Expiration

This is a common thing in blogging. Example of such blog niches that their contents expires are news, entertainment and sports blog.

  1. Lack of Advertisers

There are many blogging niches that advertisers won’t have any desire to promote their item or business on.

There are many purposes behind this as well. Perhaps the niche has some precluded subjects like porn or have a wrong or undesirable target group of audience.

Obviously, you realize that not all visitors can purchase something.

  1. Seasonal Niches

I’m sure you are aware that Christmas or Ramadan Kareem comes up just once every year.

In this way, blogging on this niches will be profoundly regular. These web journals will just profit from bubbly seasons (if at all it can make) and from that point forward, you will go on a necessary craving strike until the following happy season.

Before you pick a blogging niche, ensure that the subjects are not occasional. Pick a blog topic that are required throughout the entire year.

  1. Prohibited Topics

There is a large number of denied topic. Examples are drugs, posse life, cultism etc. These are altogether disallowed topics and web indexes won’t like to bring them out in search engines. You may not advertisers as well.

The most effective method to find a Profitable Blogging Niche

It might be troublesome to locate a beneficial blogging niche. Hence, I prescribe that you make out time and do your research before you take your final conclusion.

The following are the few hints you can work with while doing your research;

(1) Research Top Bloggers: Perform an inside and out research on top acquiring bloggers and see what topic they are writing on. Don’t copy them. Instead measure-up when they began and also what they are doing and how they arrived.

You will utilize these data to better see how you will actualize your plans.

(2) Choose a Niche you Know: Many master bloggers suggest that the most beneficial blogging niche are those niches you are master at. It’s vital that you pick a niche you know somewhat about.

Everybody knows something that could be unfamiliar to others. That could be your productive niche to pick.

In this way, I will appropriately say that your most productive niche will be something that you are an expert at. You will have the capacity to make quality articles.

(3) Chose a Niche you Love: One of the things that could help you profit from blogging is keeping up a blog for a long time (Consistency). It’s just energy that can do this when there is no cash.

It’s critical that you pick a niche that you have enthusiasm for. Possibly if the cash doesn’t come yet, the passion will in any case drive you.

(4) Choose a Niche with a Marketable Audience: It’s critical that you consider the general population who will probably read your blog.

They ought to be individuals who have financial balances. That implies they can purchase something.

(5) Choose a Niche that Has a Physical / Digital Product or Service: This is essential and could be your break or make criteria. Do well to inquire about those topics that have physical items you can offer or recommend to your readers.

If your blog niche doesn’t have a physical product / digital product you can profit through Selling Advert Space or Affiliate Marketing.

(6) Choose Evergreen Niche Topics: Like I stated earlier, there are articles that terminates after sometime. These are time-based articles. After that time, the contents in the articles are not helpful.

An example is the news and entertainment niche. Despite the fact that this niche have high readership, there are a great deal of rivalry as well.

In these niche, you need to remain on the work at all the time in order to keep your blog new.

Readers will not like to read an old news when there are huge numbers of on-the-scene stories and live streaming out there.

Then again, there are numerous blogging niches that are evergreen. Their articles can keep you going for a long time and they are always important.

With evergreen niches, you can build a business where you can rely upon when you can’t write again. In this way, it’s up to you to inquire about on those evergreen blogging niches. It’s vital you pick an evergreen niche if you need to build a blog that will stand the trial of time

(7) Choose and Know Your Audience on Time: It’s critical to know and pick your blog group of readers on time.

Try not to pick a blogging niche that has a high search volumes. Rather, attempt to comprehend the demographic statistics of your visitors.

This is essential in blog monetization. For example, in the event that you have a blog that has numerous readers from the US and UK, you will appears to profit more than sites that don’t have any guests from those regions.

The reasons are basic. Individuals from these locales are more monetarily feasible and they can without much of a stretch purchase things on the web.

Others factors to consider while picking a blogging niche are age groups and Gender of your readers. All these characteristics are critical in blog monetization.

Steps to Take When Finding a Profitable Niche

In finding a profitable niche Keyword Research comes in to play. There are numerous Keyword research tools out there. Some are free and some are premium.

The major objective of these are Keyword Tools are to enable you in niche research and Keyword research.

(1) Use Keyword Research Tools

My best Keyword Research tool is Google Keyword Planner. It takes the necessary steps of Keyword analysis if you know how to utilize it. The best thing is that it’s FREE.

Do well to figure out how to utilize Google Keyword Tool to locate a profitable niche. I will compose a separate lesson on this later.

(2) Use Google Search: Google search is another tool to find gainful blogging niche.

It works best if you know how to work with Google Keyword Tool to get the best results. You will see around 350,000,000 results in 0.46 seconds. This is a colossal competition for that subject.

“A profitable niche will have (a) low web competition (b) high monthly search volume (c) high advertisers competition.”

(3) Visit Top Online Stores: One of the best stride to finding a profitable blogging niche is visit top online stores. This could be,, or eBay.

What will you do there? Presently discover the (1) latest things in the market (new items) and also (2) bestselling items.

Chances are there that most recent products in the market will have less web competition and best seller items will have appeal and also high advertiser competition. These are the items that will make a gainful blogging niche.

With this, you are rest guaranteed that you will profit from your readers either by offering or recommending the items to them.

Additionally, being that the items are hot in the market, promoters will be prepared to publicize on your blog.

Now i presume you now know how to choose a very good blog niche. Before you start blogging Read 10 Steps To Start a Blog Using WordPress and Earn Over $2,000 Monthly and How to Setup a Blog using WordPress – STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE

If you have any questions ask me below.


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