Why SEO is Essential for New and Experienced Bloggers

Why SEO is Essential for New & Experienced Bloggers

SEO has been in existence for a Long time now right from the Algorithm Updates and funny Google bombs to becoming a very essential part of the almost ever digital business operations. Initially, most people had doubts about the influence of SEO on business and brand visibility but after several years of speculations and study, whether the SEO is dead, today we realize that it is an integral part of digital marketing. SEO processes are quickly changing and adapting to the new search engine trends. This has so far made the SEO work dynamic and requires industry experts to conduct several test of their strategies and methods.

This industry has unquestionable benefits to different types of businesses. Bloggers / Online Business Owners should invest their time and/or money into organic SEO because it is a very effective way of attracting new readers, subscribers and even customers.

Below are some benefits of SEO

  1. Traffic Increase: Increase in traffic is a proven fact via SEO. Few years ago, people doubted the amount of traffic SEO could bring but yet a simple check with any Analytic tool will show you a pure increase in organic traffic. If you start improving your website’s optimization, its traffic will start increasing steadily.
  2. Improved Brand Credibility: Google is one of the most reputable and trusted online platforms, so therefore by improving your SEO ranking, you’re also using Google’s brand name to advertise your business. If you have a powerful Corporation like Google shielding your blog you won’t have any issue with cash flow and traffic.
  3. Most of your competitors are already doing it: A lot of blog owners that rely on digital marketing are already gaining from SEO. This requires you to get into this game and keep your company competitive on the dynamic digital market. If the website of your main competitor shows on the first pages of Google Search for the most popular keywords, they can also take a large part of your customer base.
  4. It’s relatively Affordable: If your hire a professional SEO Auditor, the cost of this strategy will be lower than the price of the most affordable TV or media campaigns. If you invest time acquiring the knowledge, SEO processes can basically be free and by placing your business at the apex of organic listings, you are eliminating the costs of pay-per-click campaigns. SEO provides long lasting solutions to companies and the traffic on your website won’t disappear the moment you stop investing.
  5. It motivates you to create great content: Marketing your content is one of the most efficient strategies in the digital marketing world, and it’s also rooted at the center of every successful SEO campaign. Great content can’t work without search engine optimization. The most legitimate reason for creating good-quality content that will bring benefits to your business in the nearest future is improving your Google ranking. If readers in your niche recognize you as an authority publisher, it will be easier for you to convert them into your loyal customers and brand advocates.
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Why SEO is Important for New Bloggers
1. SEO gives a clear pictures of the popularity of your Blog’s Products or Listings: Launching a new product should be accompanied by thorough investigation of its acceptance among customers. Paid surveys are one of the most reliable ways to know how popular and practical your products are and how they are likely to perform when launched. The data from these paid surveys can be even more helpful when it’s combined with search engine analysis data from your website and platforms like Google Trend and Keyword Planner. This powerful analytic combo will provide you with the information that you can use for creating highly efficient sales and marketing strategies.

  1. Over 60% of Google users click on the first organic result in Search: Securing a place on Google Search result page is one of the most essential criteria for running a successful online business. Due to a large competition in almost all industries, placing your websites on the first page can be tricky but it’s really worth it because it can drive thousands of potential customers to your page. Since a good number of Google users click on the first result page while searching, being the number one on keywords that describe your business will instantly attract more than half of the overall clientele.

Furthermore, SEO can also help Show off your Expertise thereby help you in Link Building which is a very effective strategy for modern SEO. By creating backlinks on high authority websites you have a platform to show off your expertise and competencies to potential customers.

Also SEO Analytics is a great source of customer information.

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